“I came to Hanna with an idea and she made it a reality. I wanted a safe place for women to talk, participate, process, and escape. She was the one that made it beautiful but accessible for ALL women. ‘The Revel Ride’ like so many other projects that Hanna has executed is an incredible example of Hanna’s innate ability to beautify and think through details that most people don’t even know to consider.”

brooke warnock, founder of the revel ride


You’ve got that dream...you know, that dream that keeps you up at night, that interrupts your thoughts each day, that deeply desires to make an impact. Maybe you’re still working your 9-5 job or staying at home with the kids pouring into that passion project in the wee hours before bed or the early morning. 

Or maybe you've launched your dream business and it’s so. much. harder. than you thought. It’s discouraging not to get the followers you want, your sales don’t reflect the energy you pour into the business, and simply put, you’re tired. 

You’ve researched how to increase brand awareness, follow aaaalll the influencers, and are ready for your business to explode with sales. Yet, you don’t know how to get from here to there...that magical land of success. And, is it even worth it? Is this what you really want? 

You’re closer to your dreams than you think.


 Get an Action Plan for Amazing Success in Your Business


Pick up that chin, you’re not alone. Yes, you really can grow that email list, Instagram following, or Facebook group members. You are ready to launch your website, engage authentically with your community, and share your passions. 

Repeat after me: I can do this! 

Yes, you can. 

Consulting sessions with Spruce are a safe place to express your business dreams, lay out your worries, passions, and goals, and come away with a refreshed mindset.


What to Expect

Each 60-minute dream session is customized to your needs and goals and will look something like this:


+ Fill out some fun prep-work so we can dive into your brand during our session!

+ Brainstorm new ideas

+ Come away equipped with the right tools and resources

+ Create three specific action steps to immediately put your business ideas to work

+ Set goals so you can see the progress you’re making in the days, weeks, and months to come

+ A 30-day accountability check-in on your action plan and goals status


Your Investment

One-time payment of $250. Dreams sessions are available in-person, on the phone, or in a video call.


Ready to go after your dreams?

We’re big believers in reaching  for the stars, so let’s dream together!