The entire process was easy...Hanna really understands the direction I was going and my vision. She affirmed my efforts and held my hand the entire way. Working with Hanna was easy...I always knew I could reach her...she met deadlines...and everything is GORGEOUS. Thank you!” 

- Rachael Wade, founder of Olive Us


Are you wasting time on mismatched branding?

Does this sound familiar?...

You’ve worked and worked on your branding but it doesn’t seem to match the spirit of your business. It doesn’t reflect the essence of the business you’ve poured your heart and soul into (and those long nights putting in the work!).

Or maybe you have no idea how your business can even be mirrored in branding. 

You’re overwhelmed and frustrated with the time you spend crafting a single graphic, trying to use your brand colors on your website, and figuring out how to use your logo on all your marketing pieces. Instead, you want to be hitting the pavement networking, reaching out to your customers, or working on a sales strategy.


Increase Brand Awareness & Drive New Business

Cohesive branding authentically expresses who you are and effectively communicates to your ideal audience. Each font, color, and shape of your brand sends a message to your community—what do you want to say? Receive a branding package from Spruce that gets your brand and gives you the resources to share your business on social media, your website, storefront, events, and so much more!


What to Expect



+ In-Depth Evaluation of your current branding and processes

What are you doing now for branding? How is it working? Is it aligned with your business goals?

+ 1:1 Access to Spruce

We’re here for you and want to help solve your problems, go after your dreams, and hit those wild goals of yours!

+ Customized Branding Package

We begin by digging into you and your company’s goals, values, and mission statement. In the end, you'll receive a full customized branding package that will include logos, patterns, fonts, a color palette, social media graphics, a brand specifications board, and more all curated for your unique brand.

+ Bonus Strategy Session

We want you to not only have the tools for success but to know how to use those tools! In your personalized strategy session with Spruce, we’ll share some industry-proven tips and tricks to increase revenue and brand awareness.


 Your Investment

You’ll receive your new branding package within 1 week. Clients must book a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the requested finished product so that we can intentionally create a killer branding package.

Need Branding + Website? We’ve got you! Save $1,000 when you book our Branding & Website Package! You’ll receive a fully-customized branding package and ready-to-go website in just 2 weeks.


Ready for brand clarity?