Setting Goals for 2019


If you’re anything like me, goal setting is not your strong suit. In fact, goal setting can be rough because you can get defeated by not even completing one goal for the year. Everyone starts talking about goal setting in December…and then the holidays hit and somehow it’s almost the end of January. We can get down on ourselves for not setting goals or even not setting them “the right way” or not setting them before the new year starts.

I told myself many years ago I’d spend the first two weeks of the new year going through the previous year and praying through the upcoming year. I allow myself space to breathe, dream and celebrate post-holidays. So yes, it’s January 3rd and I haven’t set a single goal.

Traditional goal setting does not work for me. And I feel like a lot of people are this way too. And you know what? It’s okay.

We can still be successful.
We can still set goals.
We can still achieve things in 2019.

That’s why today I’m sharing my three favorite resources for reflecting on the past year and dreaming for the future! These three tools are great for us who aren’t good at traditional goal setting but want to be intentional with the upcoming year.

Reflect + Refocus Worksheets
by The Well Studio


I LOVE these worksheets and have been doing them long before I met Jenn and Kelly who run The Well Studio. These are easy and great prompts to walk through! I love reflecting on what’s happened this past year and acknowledging the good. I also love that this allows you to write freely…there’s no list you have to complete. You can note five things for the year or one thing for the year. It’s all about what the title says… “reflecting and refocusing.” You can grab your copy here.


Dream Guide 2019
by Jennie Allen


Jennie Allen’s Dream Guide is another one of my favorite resources for dreaming about the new year. She talks about taking inventory of the previous year and praying over where God will lead you in the upcoming year. Celebrating the good. Dreaming of what could be ahead. I love the free space to write as you please. To pray and journal and move forward with intentionality. Grab your copy of Jennie’s Dream Guide here!


by Lara Casey & Cultivate What Matters


If you want a little more than the previous tools, you can purchase this great resource. PowerSheets walk you through prompts about yourself, the past year, and the upcoming year. The book is all about setting goals for your specific season of life. I’ve used the PowerSheets in the past and it’s a great tool for creating successful habits and celebrating each month’s wins, no matter how big or small they are. See the PowerSheets here!


I’ll be sharing some of my goals in the upcoming weeks!

How do you set goals for the upcoming year? Are you a traditional goal setter or more of a dreamer? Would love to hear from you!