September Recap


September was a big month both personally and professionally. For starters, we rebranded from Hanna Lynn Creative to Spruce. Why the change? We felt as we look forward and plan for the future, we wanted a brand we could grow under. Hanna Lynn Creative will always be our roots, but in order to pursue some of our big dreams, we needed a name that is all encompassing.

Enter Spruce.

Giving credit where credit is due…Hanna’s sister actually came up with the name. She’s a genius, for the record.

Spruce is so much more than a business that creates branding and web design. Spruce is about a community. Spruce is driven by inspiration and dreaming big. About bravery, fearlessness, doing the hard things, seeking out beauty. About going after our dreams, and not doing life alone. We even developed a manifesto we deeply believe in. You can read it here.

So we jumped head first into launch mode. …and launched in the middle of a friend’s 40th birthday celebration. It may not have been the smartest thing, but we realized at the end of the day, this is what Spruce is all about. Doing life together. Showing up for our friends. Celebrating.

And we continued the celebration with the marriage of some of our sweet friends.

Let’s just call September what is was - a month of celebrations.

As we look to October, we’re in the middle of helping some great people build and launch their dreams. We’re already planning for 2020, can you believe that?! If you don’t know where to begin, let’s chat. We’re looking forward to October and everything that it holds. From the cooler weather to client launches to Camp Well Summit, you can keep up with us daily over on Instagram. And if you’re looking for Hanna’s personal instagram, which will include lots of Instagram stories of her dogs, you can follow her here.

Tell us below, what are you celebrating from September?

Lots of celebrations in September.
Why we changed our name.
What we’re excited for in October.