Spruce is on a mission to craft authentic brands, empower women to boldly step into their dreams, and draw out the beauty waiting around us.


Spruce creates thoughtful branding and marketing that speaks to your audience, inviting them into your unique space ready to engage with your story and mission. 

We love partnering with dreamers, action-takers, star-gazers, beauty-seekers, and lifelong learners. We’ll be your best friend to push you into action, keep you accountable, and remind you that you were made to do amazing things in life.


When you’re feeling stuck in your business, frustrated with your branding, and confused with next steps, we’re the ones to center your brand and grow your business. Our mission is to see your dreams grow into reality and success, and we don’t take our marching orders lightly!

Like a spruce tree, our name reflects our core of friendship, protection, strength, and kindness, and you can expect to see these values displayed in every single interaction.


Beauty, intentionality, authenticity, and bravery pulses in every Spruce project causing a ripple effect to spill life into your relationships, communities, and business.


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