Hey there—I’m Hanna.

I want you to know that whoever you are, I see you, my friend. I see your goals, your worries, your unspoken dreams, your craving for beauty, your desire for success, your forehead furrows engraved from business stress and juggling all the things in life.



Managing a business is scary. Like, shaking-in-your-hiking boots, physically-can’t-move scary. But guess what? You don’t need to figure out how to create a brand for your business, make your branding consistent, or even if those colors match.


I’ve got you. 


I help businesses launch authentic brands, create intentional businesses, and share the beauty of their mission to the world. And I can’t wait to throw a handful of confetti in the air as we create an intentional brand together!


Who am I?


Top-knot connoisseur, West Wing addict, avid reader, Dog Whisperer (I talk to them like they are my employees because...work at home life!), vintage rug obsessed…

I met my husband on a ranch, am a hunter of coffee-table books, and am shamelessly obsessed with quirky headbands and Noonday Collection statement earrings. You can catch me sipping a glass of wine on the back porch or enjoying the beautiful outdoors with my home team built of all the best people.

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The Back Road



In 2013, I left the Midwest and moved to a ranch located in the middle of nowhere, Colorado...as in no cell service, no TVs, and limited Internet. I captured that solitude space in the world flowing with life with my camera and precious memories.

I left my phone at home more, went outside, stopped the black-hole of social media scrolling, and slowly found my way back to authentic community and intentional living. I began to paint everything around me, write in calligraphy everywhere I could, and capture families, weddings, engagements, rodeos, and square dances in the snap of my camera.

These days, you'll find me helping other women get back to the basics of life while also growing their businesses. I’m snapping photos of families. Creating dreamy mood boards. Hanging out with my husband. Playing with our dogs. Enjoying slow dinners at the table.

I believe there is something beautiful and deeply meaningful to living authentically and extending this life pulse into your business.

I believe we shouldn’t be tied down to our computers and should spend more time with family and friends, playing outside,  and doing the things we love. The things that quicken our heart and feed our thirsty soul.

Business shouldn't be complicated, stressful, or chaotic. That’s why I’m here. To help you get back to an authentic life and business.


Want to learn how we can work together?

I can’t wait to meet you!